We are et Arches, drawing on paper, 40/30 cm, 2015.
Le projet Scorvipontain, atelier d'Estienne, 2015 , paper-cut, rice paper, glue, drawing on paper, painted wood pannel, seaweed, dried octopussy, human hairs, plastic bucket.
"U" and "The message", 3D animation and video loop, sound.
"Faune" and "Odorama ", 3D animation and video loop, sound, cut grass.
"Faune", HD video loop, Corentin Grossmann / Guillaume Le Clouërec, june 2015.
"Odorama ", 3D animation loop, air refresher "rose".
JP stickers
"NORI", cut seaveed, nails.
"Manta ray ", inkjet print on plastic film, 200/180cm.
"THE BEGINNING OF THE END", 142 / 80 cm,